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Bambara/Dioula Dictionary


These are some of the people that help make this dictionary possible. Want to support and get your own dictionary entry too?

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Casey McNeill   p. International politics professor in NYC. Proud to support this awesome resource!

Kadidia Kante   p. RPCV Mali living in KY. Glad to support West Africa!

Oumar Touré   p. Malian in love with Mali, Manding and its people.“When you speak to someone in their language, you speak to their heart.”

parry   vi. insist that a dictionary is the only book one needs. I jija!

Serge   p. Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué? Divulguer le savoir

Yahya Johnson   p. American who visits West Africa regularly. Mostly Mauritania. I have always wanted to understand the Mande languages. They are extremely beautiful to me.

Zeni   p. lazy, foodie, and real introvert in Japan. Keep it up :) AKT is doing a great job to all unpopular languages!

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