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Bambara/Dioula Dictionary


These are some of the people that help make this dictionary possible. Want to support and get your own dictionary entry too?

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Casey McNeill   p. International politics professor in NYC. Proud to support this awesome resource!

Kadidia Kante   p. RPCV Mali living in KY. Glad to support West Africa !

parry   vi. insist that a dictionary is the only book one needs. I jija!

Serge   p. Pourquoi faire simple quand on peut faire compliqué? Divulguer le savoir

Yahya Johnson   p. American who visits West Africa regularly. Mostly Mauritania. I have always wanted to understand the Mande languages. They are extremely beautiful to me.

Zeni   p. lazy, foodie, and real introvert in Japan. Keep it up :) AKT is doing a great job to all unpopular languages!

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