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Tip  Use e for e/ɛ, o for o/ɔ, ny for ɲ, and ng for ŋ

mana1   n. 1 • rubber, plastic; caoutchouc, plastique.

2 • plastic bag; sachet, sac en plastique.

mana2   mp. conditional marker; marque du conditionnel. Variant: maa.

mana3   Usage: Jula See: mɛnɛ inflame ; turn on.

maana   n. fable, tale, story, epic, history, narrative; conte, histoire, épopée, récit.

Partial Matches

bamàna    See: bamanan.

bamànan   n. 1 • Bamana, Bambara; bambara (ethnie).

2 • animist, pagan; animiste, fétichiste. Usage: Traditionally in the Jula context, bamànan was a pejorative term for the local non-Muslim populations amongst which Manding-speaking Muslim traders and associates settled. Variant: bamàna.

bamanankan   n. Bamana or Bambara language; langue bambara.

jàmàna   n. country, state; pays, état.

manamana   vi. shine, glisten, sparkle; briller.

adj. new.

mànàmana   pointless, worthless; sans valeur.

tìlèmàna    See: tìlèma Hot Season.

tìlèmàna   Usage: Jula saison sèche. See: tìlèma hot season.

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Tip  Use e for e/ɛ, o for o/ɔ, ny for ɲ, and ng for ŋ